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Your Total Shooting Sports membership is good at Shoot Smart!

If you are a member at Total Shooting Sports, which closed today, we offer you a path to receive continued value of your membership. Shoot Smart will honor Total Shooting Sports’ Elite, Premium and Range memberships at all of our locations. We will transition your TSS membership to a best equivalent Shoot Smart membership at no charge to you. Just bring your membership card to any Shoot Smart location to transfer the balance of your Total Shooting Sports membership duration.


Shoot Smart is an involved and committed part of the firearms industry and indoor shooting sports. We believe it is the right thing to do to support the customers who participate, regardless of where those customers entered the industry.

FAQ about the membership transfer
How Does This Work?
Total Shooting Sports Elite, Premium and Range members can come in to any of our ranges and transfer their memberships to Shoot Smart at no charge. The expiration will remain the same. So if your TSS membership expires at the end of December, then your Shoot Smart membership would expire at the end of December.

What Memberships Transfer Over?
Elite memberships transfer to our Liberty membership, Premium memberships transfer to a Patriot membership and Range memberships will transfer to a Smart membership. All family memberships will be converted to a single individual Shoot Smart membership, i.e. 1 Elite Family Membership equals 1 Liberty Membership. Click here to see all the benefits and perks.

How Do I Transfer?
You need to come into a Shoot Smart location (we have 3) and present your membership card. We’ll do the rest.

What if I had a LTC Class Scheduled?
Any TSS customer who will be unable to attend class due to the closing is welcome to take a Shoot Smart class for no additional cost. Just bring proof of purchase to any Shoot Smart location and a range guide will help schedule your class. Purchase must be made in the past 30 days.

What’s the catch?
Nothing! You get to keep shooting and we gain a new member. We hope you renew with us at the end of the membership, but there is no obligation.

Yes, seriously.