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Shoot Smart and Acusport on Innovation in the Firearm Industry

The shooting sports industry has a big problem – a serious lack of inspiration and transformational innovation. Hank Yacek, Director of Retail Development at AcuSport, and I sat down in October to talk about this problem. Hank has decades of experience in firearms retail and has spent several years recently traveling the country, meeting with range and gun shop owners to discuss their operations.
From a retailer and range operator perspective, we’re struggling to find new, exciting tools and entertainment vehicles to attract and retain new audiences. Basically, we’ve been selling the same technology and experience for decades. As millennials come of age, however, Shoot Smart needs entertainment value that speaks to this enormous generation. And we look to our partners, like AcuSport – our largest distributor partner – for guidance and for answers.
Hank and I both strongly agree that the shooting sports needs a Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg or Jeff Bezos. At the very least, we need transformational innovation that modernizes the shooting sports experience and creates relevance for younger audiences. Otherwise, our sport’s survival will no longer be influenced by politics, but whether or not we find enough customers to maintain the sport.