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Our Safe for Network TV Spot

Many advertisers and social media outlets do not allow GUN SALES ads, and somewhere along the way, GUN RANGE and TRAINING got lumped into that.
Facebook prohibits our ads. We can’t even promote the fact that we’re open on Labor Day. Google won’t let us run a single YouTube ad or advertise on Adwords despite the fact that we have a YouTube channel and we’ve spent thousands of dollars with them in the past 6 months. Most local TV stations won’t let us show an ad even though we’ve been the topic of many TV news pieces.
We support the nationwide Project ChildSafe program and have tried to advertise our safety seminars. Nope, not happening. Why is it that we regularly see incredible gun violence on TV shows, but we can’t run an ad for gun safety or training during the commercial break? If someone is actively searching for a gun range, why is it ok for them to find us through Google search, but not through a paid Google ad?
Our ads highlight fun, training, diversity, and safety as cornerstones of the Shoot Smart experience. But no matter how professional or buttoned up we are, a dark cloud hangs over our heads. Frustrated with advertising limitations, we replaced the ad footage of people at the range with footage of puppies playing… and surprise! the TV spot was approved in less than a day.
The inconsistency of content acceptability drives us crazy. We know we aren’t the only range with this issue, but we hope to shine some light on the inconsistent and indiscriminate censorship that’s happening to our industry. An inability to advertise abridges our first and second amendment rights.
In the meantime, please try us out. If you like us, spread the word. Nothing works like word-of-mouth advertising, and it’s based on actual experience.