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Retail Corner: Aguila Comes to Shoot Smart



This year marks the beginning of Shoot Smart’s first direct partnership for ammunition. At SHOT Show, Jared Sloane, Sales & Marketing Manager, met with representatives from Texas Armament & Technology, LLC (TxAT) to learn about the ammunition company and their product. The first order arrived in early March, with more orders in planning. The partnership is a key strategic component to Shoot Smart’s ability to acquire critical supplies, like .22LR, .380 Auto, and 9 mm ammunition with regularity and quality assurance.


TxAT imports ammunition under the brand name Aguila. The ammunition is made in Mexico and imported to the US for sale. In the April/May 2015 issue of Handguns Magazine article titled, “The Aguila Advantage, ammo from south of the border – and as good as any you’ll find,” by Patrick Sweeney, the brand was well reviewed for accuracy, price, and quality. According to Sweeney, “for vanilla-plain ball to be delivering two-inch groups over a rest is pretty impressive.” Sweeney continues on to say that he was impressed by the manufacturing facility, which “was as clean, well-organized, and up to date as any I’ve visited of late.” If the Handguns Magazine article is any indication, Aguila’s newly packaged line of ammunition will be a reliable boost to ammunition supplies in our country.




You can find Aguila brand ammunition in stores officially in April, 2015, though some items, such as Aguila .22LR have already been selling. Shoot Smart will continue to rely on current key partners, such as AcuSport Corporation and Ellett Brothers, which have played significant roles in maintaining industry stability through shipments of quality ammunition brands like Federal and PMC.


For more information, or to try the Aguila brand, visit your favorite Shoot Smart location! You can also view more information about the manufacturer and ammunition at To read the full Handguns Magazine article, pick up a copy or visit