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President’s Letter: April 2015

Recently, Shoot Smart held an “All Hands” meeting. I looked around the room and was completely dumbfounded by the size of the group. We had 29 people sitting there, all in their uniforms, looking so alert and comfortable with one another. I felt that no matter what I said to them, it couldn’t measure up to their enthusiasm, loyalty, life potential, and engagement in the great little business that is Shoot Smart.


As a small business owner, I get lost in the minutiae of our daily tasks of turning lanes, conducting lessons, buying inventory, stocking shelves, cleaning up, and paying bills. In this meeting, I was reminded that Shoot Smart isn’t just about me. It’s about all of us. More than 30 people, not just people — families — that are working with us to create a successful enterprise. We are truly blessed to have such a nice group of people working together to build Shoot Smart into a profitable, and therefore sustainable, business.
I love my job.