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Mental Dynamics of Target Shooting with Gabby Franco

We are always looking for new and interesting ways for our customers to continue to practice and improve their shooting proficiency. Our skill set of shooting can be perishable if we do not practice, challenge, and continually evaluate our performance.

Gabby offers an in depth look at how our mind set can positively, or negatively, affect our shooting performance. Even though our customer base varies in skill level and purpose for shooting, the mental aspect of the sport remains the same. We can all take away learning points which will help us evaluate our skills, prepare us for heightened stress levels (i.e. competition, self-defense), and possibly change our mindset during shooting.

We wish to partner with an Olympic shooter like Gabby and introduce her, and her level of skill, to the customers, especially women customers. Gabby can elevate their game. We see value in bringing Gabby’s insider fame to our range as part of our superb training and as part of our professional atmosphere.

Although Gabby can present a tactical persona when appropriate, at heart she is a very sweet woman who is very family-oriented.

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