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Thank you for choosing Shoot Smart for your firearm transfer needs. Please complete the following form. If the shipper is not a licensed federal firearms dealer, we are unable to send our FFL information to them. Non-FFL shippers should consult their local and Texas firearms shipping laws for more information. A customer service representative will contact you when your firearm is ready to pick up. We need time after delivery to receive the firearm into our FFL log. Please do not arrive before we have contacted you.



FFL transfers are $35 ($25 for members) and are per firearm transfered. To initiate a transfer, please complete the form below.



Please have a copy of your firearm purchase confirmation with you when you pick up your transfer. The purchaser must be the same as the transferee at time of pick-up.

U.S. law requires that licensed dealers provide secure gun storage or safety devices with every handgun transferred to non-licensees. Therefore, Shoot Smart shall include a gun lock, for a nominal fee, with any handgun, which does not already include a secure gun storage or safety device, that is transferred through Shoot Smart. We encourage you to verify gun locks are provided with your purchase prior to transfer. Please contact us if you have questions, and thank you for understanding.

We do not accept the transfer of NFA or Class III firearms at this time.