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At Shoot Smart, we promise to deliver you entertainment through education. Our certified, skilled instructors can move you along our path to proficiency program. Let us start you on your personalized shooting sports journey like we have for thousands of others.



In this class, participants will qualify for the Texas LTC by shooting a prescribed course of fire and completing the safety and knowledge-based coursework. Taught by one of our highly qualified instructors, the Shoot Smart LTC Class contains everything you need to qualify for a LTC License in Texas.


There is so much more to shooting than just hitting a paper bullseye! Our handgun classes teach different types of shooting skills, from new shooter to home defense. And it’s not just a class. It is, like success, a journey. These classes offer an affordable and highly effective way to expand your skills and are your path to proficiency, no matter your interest and ability.


Shoot Smart offers a variety of other classes including Unarmed Self Defense, Drill Nights, and AR training.