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MIKE MCDONALD - Gunsmith, Alliance

Mike McDonald graduated from the Lassen College Gunsmithing program in Susanville, California, in 2015 with an Associate Degree in General Gunsmithing and Firearms Repair. After graduation, he accepted a gunsmith position with one of the program instructors at Bauer Gunsmithing. At Bauer, Mike focused on creating, assembling, and repairing custom hunting and long-range rifles. Mike worked for Bauer Gunsmithing for a year and a half before moving to Texas to join the Shoot Smart Gunsmith Shop in the summer of 2017. While Mike’s primary focus is on building bolt action rifles, he also enjoys working on pistols and revolvers. Outside of gunsmithing, Mike also enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and handloading ammunition. Mike has completed many projects in customizing the appearance of firearms through DuraCoating.