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No more waiting in line for unknown periods of time! With our QLess system, you can get on the wait list conveniently from either online or in the range. QLess keeps you updated on your wait time and alerts you when your lane is ready!


Thanks for your interest in visiting Shoot Smart today. At times we have lines for lane rentals and we would like to make joining our queue as easy and painless as possible. Why Qless? Because it is easy, fast, and gives you control of your time! Qless texts you updates and lets you know where you are in line. Now you can wait at your favorite range, grab a snack, and finish your errands, all at the same time!


PLEASE, only enter this queue if you intend to shoot with us today. We strive to provide the best level of service to our customers and your assistance is most appreciated in respecting the time of those already in store.*


To get started, select the range location you’ll be visiting today. Click the image for your favorite location and follow the prompts. Enter your cell phone number and select the number of people in your party. Then choose either the Private Suite queue, our most popular, or the Traditional Lanes.


Please check-in with the store team when you arrive. We suggest that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your estimated summons. This will provide adequate time to check-in, select your rental gun, ammunition, and target options, and prepare for your experience on the range.

* Terms & Conditions: Extended queuing is not permitted. Customers inactive in the queue for more than 1 hour may be removed at the discretion of the manager, and placement in line is not guaranteed. Queuing does not guarantee immediate service upon arrival. Customers will be summoned based on placement in line and preparedness for range activity. If you have been removed in error, follow the text prompts to rejoin.



Choose between Private Suites and Traditional Lanes. Both options are equipped with electronic target retrieval systems, and feature 15 yard maximum target distances. There are no time limits on our lane rentals. Read on to learn more about your options at Shoot Smart.

Private Suites

Private suites are unique to Shoot Smart and by far our most popular offering! In your Suite, you’ll find a private, intimate, and comfortable space where you can relax and enjoy your experience. Each Suite has a private entrance, and the suites open to a common range beyond the firing line. The Suites are partitioned from each other by 6 inches of poured concrete and concrete blocks that run approximately 12 feet into the range from the entrance. Each partition is floor to ceiling, so you won’t get any of your neighbor’s brass! Suites also feature rolling carts so you can choose a bench format, or by rolling the cart away, an open format perfectly suited for holster practice. Ask a range guide or range safety officer for our portable rifle benches if you’re visiting with your rifle! All types of calibers and shooting speeds are permitted in the Suites, including rapid fire, holster practice, and rifle calibers. Suites are great for new shooters, NFA owners, customers who need a chance to build confidence in privacy, couples on dates, and families or groups of friends.

Traditional Lanes

Traditional lanes are…you guessed it!...traditional shooting stalls found at most modern indoor firing ranges. Each stall is equipped with in-stall lighting and lighting controls, and electronic target retrieval systems. These stalls are accessible in a common area and open to a common bay. The rate of fire is limited to 1 shot every 2 seconds, and rifle calibers are not permitted. Traditional lanes are great for a quick stress relief session or for individuals who simply want a trouble free experience.