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Ammo Depot – First in Texas

July 27th, 2015

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest innovation, the Ammo Depot! What started as a joke on the Internet, we have made a reality.


We are the first and only range in Texas to carry the Ammo Depot, an ammunition vending machine created for your shooting convenience. It is located on the range, which means you will no longer have to go to the front desk to purchase ammo. The vending machine only takes credit cards and you must be 21 years or older to make purchases. The process itself is simple–you insert your card, select which ammo you want and confirm your purchase. Within seconds you can get back to shooting with no hassle.


Take Your Daughter to the Range

May 14th, 2015

Take Your Daughter to the Range Day is our annual event promoting firearm safety for girls, young women, and parents.




Shoot Smart is hosting this special event for girls ages 8 through 17 to experience shooting a handgun for the first time in a safe and professional environment, accompanied by the Shoot Smart team. Your daughter will begin her journey in our classroom by moving through a series of small lessons teaching firearm safety, pistol parts and ammunition components, grip and aiming, and stance. She will then be taken onto the range to practice lessons learned. Your daughter will learn with a .22 LR caliber handgun and .22 LR caliber ammunition, included with registration.


Registration is $9.99 and includes instruction, firearm, 15 rounds of ammunition, target, and a goodie bag.


This event will be offered at both of our locations. Here are the dates:


JUNE 14, 2015 – ALLIANCE


Each day will have eight 30 minute time slots, available between 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm.


Register your daughter today! For more information, and to register, visit us at and click the “Special Events” to see all available dates, times and locations.

Find Your Perfect Fit

May 14th, 2015

Let Shoot Smart help you find your perfect fit and avoid the painful buyer’s remorse!


Find Your Perfect Fit offers you a risk-free way to try out multiple handguns side by side to find the best firearm to meet your needs. Our team of Shoot Smart experts will be on hand to answer your questions about the firearms we have available and assist you in finding that perfect match.


We will have a selection of the most popular firearms available for you to test fire, as well as targets to give you a side by side comparison of how well each firearm shoots for you.


Registration is $24.99 and includes the event, test-firearms, assorted 25 rounds of ammunition (your choice of calibers), and our team of experts. Space is limited, so book now!




This event will be available at both locations.

There will be four one hour time slots available at each location. Choose any available hour between 4:00 pm and 8:30 pm.


View Available Dates


*Prior experience shooting and handling firearms is not required but is strongly encouraged. If you are interested in purchasing a firearm but have no experience we recommend taking a private lesson first so that you have a basic understanding of firearms safety and shooting skills.

Membership Challenge 2015!

March 24th, 2015



For the third year in a row, we’re offering you a chance to win a free Shoot Smart membership! All you have to do is sign up for our Membership Challenge this May and rent as many times as you can!

How do I enter the challenge?

Come by and declare your intent to participate in the Membership Challenge any time in May. The challenge is available May 1st through May 31st, 2015. To join the challenge, enroll with a customer service representative for just $21.49, complete a quick entry form, and rent a lane! Participants must be at least twenty‐one years old and possess a valid Membership Challenge card to enter the contest.

How does it work?

Once you receive your card, your goal is to rent lanes as many times as you can during the month of May. Only one lane rental per day will count towards your total, and membership rates, discount rates, Happy Hour rates, or any other discounted lane rates do not apply. At the end of the month, your visits will be tallied and your prize will be awarded!

What’s my prize?

If you shoot more than 8 times, you will receive our Smart membership, a $169.99 value. If you shoot more than 13 times, you will receive our Patriot membership, a $279.99 value. And if you shoot more than 22 times in the month, you will receive a Primary Liberty membership, a $509.99 value! All awarded memberships are valid for one calendar year. Certain benefits apply, so be sure to ask an associate upon registration. For example, Liberty members receive 15% off purchases, gunsmithing, and training!


Awarded memberships will be available for pickup beginning Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 through Sunday, June 7th, 2015. Remember to retain lane rental receipts throughout May for verification. It’s also a good idea to use your copy of the form to help track lane rentals. Certain terms and conditions apply. See stores for full details.


Good luck and get shooting!

Retail Corner: Aguila Comes to Shoot Smart

March 24th, 2015



This year marks the beginning of Shoot Smart’s first direct partnership for ammunition. At SHOT Show, Jared Sloane, Sales & Marketing Manager, met with representatives from Texas Armament & Technology, LLC (TxAT) to learn about the ammunition company and their product. The first order arrived in early March, with more orders in planning. The partnership is a key strategic component to Shoot Smart’s ability to acquire critical supplies, like .22LR, .380 Auto, and 9 mm ammunition with regularity and quality assurance.


TxAT imports ammunition under the brand name Aguila. The ammunition is made in Mexico and imported to the US for sale. In the April/May 2015 issue of Handguns Magazine article titled, “The Aguila Advantage, ammo from south of the border – and as good as any you’ll find,” by Patrick Sweeney, the brand was well reviewed for accuracy, price, and quality. According to Sweeney, “for vanilla-plain ball to be delivering two-inch groups over a rest is pretty impressive.” Sweeney continues on to say that he was impressed by the manufacturing facility, which “was as clean, well-organized, and up to date as any I’ve visited of late.” If the Handguns Magazine article is any indication, Aguila’s newly packaged line of ammunition will be a reliable boost to ammunition supplies in our country.




You can find Aguila brand ammunition in stores officially in April, 2015, though some items, such as Aguila .22LR have already been selling. Shoot Smart will continue to rely on current key partners, such as AcuSport Corporation and Ellett Brothers, which have played significant roles in maintaining industry stability through shipments of quality ammunition brands like Federal and PMC.


For more information, or to try the Aguila brand, visit your favorite Shoot Smart location! You can also view more information about the manufacturer and ammunition at To read the full Handguns Magazine article, pick up a copy or visit



Gunsmith: To Stipple or Not To Stipple?

March 24th, 2015

Hi, I’m Chris, the Gunsmith at Shoot Smart. Ever wonder why grips on some people’s guns look strange – like someone dropped it down a mountain or spilled a bucket of acid on the grip? Despite the appearance, it is no accident! The effect is called stippling and it is a method to enhance the texture or grip of a firearm.



Stippling can be added to most metal or polymer frames as a way to add more texture to an otherwise marginally texture surface. While shooting a pistol, it is common for our hands to sweat and over a few shots the grip can be difficult to hold on to. Stippling can combat this by offering a better grip texture, permitting the shooter to maintain a tight grip on the pistol. If you are starting into competition or joining our league this spring, consider a stippling job for your firearm. If you are not sure about the process, ask one of our customer service representatives on your next visit. Many of us have our own firearms stippled! Or feel free to stop by the shop and take a look at our custom Glock 19 to see if stippling your firearm is right for you.

See you at the range!

CHL Corner: Deadly Force – When Dogs Attack!

March 24th, 2015

It looks like our winter storms are finally over, and we can all finally start working on those New Year’s resolutions by going for daily walks. One day, I happened to be going for a run with my dog when I suddenly noticed that a very large pit bull happened to be staring at me. His owner was working on his car in the garage, and neglected to restrain his pet. His very large pit bull charged my one year old puppy and the owner managed to stop him just before he lunged to attack. I would never want to use deadly force on a dog, after all he was just acting like a dog protecting his territory. Had the owner not been able to stop his dog, would I have a legal justification to use deadly force in order to prevent a dog attack? The law can be a little tricky here, because there are no statutes that are specific for dogs attacking humans. I would have to consider a couple things; was the pit bull going after me, or my dog?


If the attack is on a person, that person would actually fall under the provisions of the “Statute of Necessity,” Texas penal code §9.22. That provision states that “conduct is justified if 1) The actor reasonably believes the conduct is immediately necessary to avoid imminent harm; 2) the desirability and urgency of avoiding the harm clearly outweighs, according to ordinary standards of reasonableness, the harm sought to be prevented by the law prescribing the conduct; and 3) A legislative purpose to exclude the justification claimed for the conduct does not otherwise plainly appear.” Are you confused yet? Basically, if you were to ever have to use deadly force to prevent a dog attack the jury would be the ultimate decider. In my scenario, if I take my dog out of the picture I would have to convince a jury that I believed deadly force was immediately necessary to prevent me from being mauled. I would also need to convince the jury that my desirability and urgency to use deadly force clearly outweighs the law against discharging a weapon within city limits, for example.


Now let’s put my dog back in the picture. Texas Health & Safety Code 822.013 states that, “A dog or coyote that is attacking, is about to attack, or has recently attacked livestock, domestic animals, or fowls may be killed by any person witnessing the attack; or the attacked animal’s owner or a person acting on behalf of the owner if the owner or person has knowledge of the attack.” Under this provision, because the pit bull actually did lunge toward my dog, I may have been protected under the Texas health and safety code 822.013 to use deadly force. Luckily, it did not come down to that in my situation.


As always, stay safe and see you at the range!

Adam Ward, Training Director
You can write to Adam or share your thoughts on the use of deadly force by emailing us at

President’s Letter: April 2015

March 24th, 2015

Recently, Shoot Smart held an “All Hands” meeting. I looked around the room and was completely dumbfounded by the size of the group. We had 29 people sitting there, all in their uniforms, looking so alert and comfortable with one another. I felt that no matter what I said to them, it couldn’t measure up to their enthusiasm, loyalty, life potential, and engagement in the great little business that is Shoot Smart.


As a small business owner, I get lost in the minutiae of our daily tasks of turning lanes, conducting lessons, buying inventory, stocking shelves, cleaning up, and paying bills. In this meeting, I was reminded that Shoot Smart isn’t just about me. It’s about all of us. More than 30 people, not just people — families — that are working with us to create a successful enterprise. We are truly blessed to have such a nice group of people working together to build Shoot Smart into a profitable, and therefore sustainable, business.
I love my job.

Shoot Smart Training Video: Gun Safety 101

March 24th, 2015

Safety is your first priority of shooting. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, you always have to think about safety.

Gunsmithing at Shoot Smart

March 4th, 2015

Have you ever considered a trigger job on your favorite firearm?
Hi, I’m Chris, the Gunsmith at Shoot Smart. I do lots of work on firearms – everything from simple cleanings to complex customization. In my experience, one of the quickest ways to improve a firearm, and the shooter’s experience with it, is a trigger job.
A trigger job consists of lightening and smoothing the trigger pull. These two processes make the trigger easier to pull as well as smooth and crisp. When you have an easier, smoother trigger pull, you can be more accurate.
Trigger work starts at $65 an hour. If you are on the fence about this type of work, or any other modification, my best advice is – ask me or one of my assistants! We’re happy to help answer your questions and make recommendations to improve your firearms.
Remember, a trigger job is a great way to improve your experience. If your groups are good, but you want to hone in even more, give us a call and see about getting a trigger job done on your favorite firearm.
See you at the range!
– Chris Graves, Gunsmith