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Take Your Daughter to the Range Day

June 22nd, 2017

Take Your Daughter to the Range Day

Take Your Daughter to the Range Day is our annual event promoting firearm safety for girls, young women and parents.
Shoot Smart is hosting this special event for girls ages 8 through 17 to experience shooting a handgun for the first time in a safe and professional environment, accompanied by the Shoot Smart team. Your daughter will begin her journey in our classroom by participating in a New Shooter Class teaching firearm safety, pistol parts and ammunition components, grip and aiming, and stance. She will then be taken onto the range to practice lessons learned. Your daughter will learn with a .22 LR caliber handgun and .22 LR caliber ammunition.*
Registration is $9.99 and includes instruction, firearm, 10 rounds of ammunition, target and a goody bag.
This event will be offered at all Shoot Smartlocations. Here are the dates:
August 4, 2017 – Benbrook
August 6, 2017 – Alliance
August 11, 2017 Grand Prairie
Sign up for any one available time slot here

Parents are encouraged to join their daughters in the classroom, and on the range to assist with safety.
* All equipment will be provided, please no outside firearms or ammunition

Membership Update Effective July 1, 2017

May 30th, 2017

Dear Valued Members,

Effective July 1, 2017 annual and monthly rates for Liberty and Patriot memberships will increase to $609.99 and $307.99, respectively. Please take a moment to learn more about this update to your membership and about a special loyalty offer to current members.

Shoot Smart Liberty and Patriot membership rates will increase, as described in the chart below. This is the first membership rate increase since January 1, 2015, and this update accounts for the added value of the third Shoot Smart location in Benbrook, Texas. This update will not affect your membership benefits or daily lane rates. All member levels will continue to receive the same features, plus the added benefit of our new range in Benbrook. This update does not affect Smart memberships.

As a special “Thank you” for your continued support and loyalty, we are offering current members a special renewal option to lock in current membership rates for an additional 12 months. Any “pay-annually” Liberty or Patriot membership expiring between June 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 may renew early at the current rate. Memberships must be renewed between June 1 and July 1, 2017. This offer is valid for “pay-annually” Liberty and Patriot members only. Discounted, “pay monthly,” and Buy One Get One memberships do not qualify. Please contact me directly to take advantage of the early renewal offer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, or for any other matters relating to your Shoot Smart membership, please contact me at or 817-984-8025.

From all of us at Shoot Smart, thank you for being a part of the Shoot Smart family. We are looking forward to another great year with all of you.


Cassie Shockey, Customer Programs Manager

Membership Drive Chart

Upcoming Bay Closures

March 30th, 2017

Here is a list of some of the upcoming bay closures due to training. Want to get in on the fun? Check out our training courses here or give us a call.

5/22 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a New Shooter class
5/26 – Alliance private suites closed at 8 pm for a Lights Out class
5/30 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a Trouble Shooting class
5/31 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a New Shooter class
6/1 – Alliance traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a Rapid Fire class
6/2 – Grand Prairie private suites closed at 7:30 pm for an Action Pistol class
6/5 – Alliance traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a New Shooter class
6/7 – Grand Prairie private suites closed at 7:30 pm for a Drill Night class
6/8 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a Rapid Fire class
6/9 – Alliance private suites closed at 8 pm for a Holster Draw class
6/12 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a New Shooter class
6/14 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a Trouble Shooting class
6/16 – Grand Prairie private suites closed at 7:30 pm for a Holster Draw class
6/19 – Alliance traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a New Shooter class
6/20 – Alliance traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a Trouble Shooting class
6/23 – Alliance private suites closed at 7:30 pm for an Action Pistol class
6/26 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a New Shooter class
6/28 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a Trouble Shooting class
6/29 – Alliance traditional lanes closed at 8 pm for a Rapid Fire class
6/30 – Grand Prairie private suites closed at 8 pm for a Self Defense class

**Due to our Summer Youth League – please note the additional lane closures:
6/6 – Alliance traditional lanes closed from 10am-11am and 12:30-1:30pm
6/6 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed from 6pm-7pm and 8:30-9:30pm
6/13 – Alliance traditional lanes closed from 10am-12:30pm
6/13 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed from 6pm-8:30pm
6/20 – Alliance traditional lanes closed from 10am-12:30pm
6/20 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed from 6pm-8:30pm
6/27 – Alliance traditional lanes closed from 10am-12:30pm
6/27 – Grand Prairie traditional lanes closed from 6pm-8:30pm

Mental Dynamics of Target Shooting with Gabby Franco

March 7th, 2017

We are always looking for new and interesting ways for our customers to continue to practice and improve their shooting proficiency. Our skill set of shooting can be perishable if we do not practice, challenge, and continually evaluate our performance.

Gabby offers an in depth look at how our mind set can positively, or negatively, affect our shooting performance. Even though our customer base varies in skill level and purpose for shooting, the mental aspect of the sport remains the same. We can all take away learning points which will help us evaluate our skills, prepare us for heightened stress levels (i.e. competition, self-defense), and possibly change our mindset during shooting.

We wish to partner with an Olympic shooter like Gabby and introduce her, and her level of skill, to the customers, especially women customers. Gabby can elevate their game. We see value in bringing Gabby’s insider fame to our range as part of our superb training and as part of our professional atmosphere.

Although Gabby can present a tactical persona when appropriate, at heart she is a very sweet woman who is very family-oriented.

Sign Up


Shoot Smart to Become Largest Chain of Gun Ranges in Texas

March 1st, 2017

Gun range to expand into Benbrook in late spring 2017

Shoot Smart Benbrook Location
February 23, 2017 (Fort Worth, TEXAS)Shoot Smart, the 2016 NSSF SHOT Business Magazine Range of the Year, has announced plans to expand into Benbrook, Texas in late spring 2017. The new location marks the third location for owners Roxanne and Jim Laney and with the addition of a third range, Shoot Smart will become the largest chain of gun ranges in Texas. The chain has been open since 2011 and has a location in Grand Prairie and in the Alliance area.
“We are elated to be expanding to Benbrook, one of the most sought-after communities in the Fort Worth area,” says Roxanne Laney, Shoot Smart CEO. “Shoot Smart’s mission is to expand the shooting sports by creating lifelong shooters in a safe and fun environment. That’s why our customer base has been growing since we opened in 2011.”
The new location in Benbrook will have 13 lanes; including seven traditional lanes and six private suites. All lanes will feature two-way voice and video communication between the lanes and the Shoot Smart control station, making it easier for shooters to order additional ammunition or rent a new firearm.
The range is introducing an all-new target retrieval system in the private suites that are wireless and controlled by a programmable touchpad, which feature turning and lighting capabilities. Shoot Smart has partnered with Rushing Air Treated Air Systems to provide enhanced climate control functionality with maximum environmental safety measures.
The entire team at Shoot Smart will be trained as NRA certified Range Safety Officers and a Range Safety Officer is always on duty. LTC (License to Carry) classes, along with LTC preparation are taught by highly qualified instructors. The team will also be ready to assist people who have never handled a firearm with New Shooter classes.
“Our goal is to provide a customer-oriented facility, and we have nearly a thousand 5 star reviews proving our success” says Laney. “When you walk into Shoot Smart, you will find a clean, well-lit, welcoming facility. We want to create a distinct destination that provides a best-in-class shooting range while offering the highest level of personal attention to our customers.”
There will be an exclusive members only opening event with more details coming soon. Private event space will be available for parties at the Benbrook location in spring/summer 2018 (Alliance and Grand Prairie offer space now).
The new location will be in located at 9455 Benbrook Blvd. Benbrook, TX 76126

HIT or MISS: Sig Sauer P238 Review

December 9th, 2016

Presented by Shoot Smart
Review by Scott Thornton

Sig Sauer P238

Introduced in 2009, the Sig Sauer P238 is a single-action only (SOA), sub-compact semi automatic handgun chambered in .380 ACP. It was released as an updated and upgraded version of the original Colt Mustang. The P238 is currently offered in 22 – yes 22! – unique versions which vary in price from $599 to $850. There is something for everyone in this line of pistols. The frames are available in either anodized aluminum or stainless steel, which does affect the weight, and to some extent the reliability of the model. I have purchased two of these pistols – an aluminum frame for my mom and a stainless steel framed HD for my sister.
One of the features I like most about the P238 is that racking the slide is easy. It is probably one of the easiest slides to rack I have seen on a small semi-auto. That is a great feature for shooters that have strength issues in their hands, like my mom who is 80 and has some arthritis in her fingers.
Here’s where I put the Sig Sauer P238…


HIT: Reliability. As with many small semi-automatic handguns, the P238 is a picky “eater.” It works best with heavier (90 grain or more) FMJ bullets and polymer tipped hollow points. Lighter bullets can induce short cycling of the slide, causing either a failure to eject or failure to feed malfunction. Hollow points with a large cavity tend to catch on the feed ramp, and don’t always feed correctly. However, once the correct ammunition for the pistol has been determined, the P238 runs well with very few issues. I prefer the Hornady 90 gr. FTX Critical Defense polymer tipped hollow point for concealed carry. This load is designed specifically for short barreled, concealed carry firearms.
HIT: Ease of Maintenance. The P238 has an all-metal frame and slide and is not as forgiving as a polymer framed pistol when it comes to maintenance. If you shoot frequently then cleaning after every other range session (about 200 rounds) is recommended. If the P238 is your carry pistol, then cleaning after each range session is recommended. Disassembly of the pistol takes less than a minute. Reassembly, while easy, does require that you pay attention while inserting the slide stop due to a small spring, which must be in the correct position on the slide stop during assembly.
MISS: Durability. The most common issue we have with P238s in the rental fleet is having the grip screws come loose, fall out, and being lost on the range. This is a result of having an aluminum frame and using steel screws to attach the grip panels. The screws are easy to over tighten, which strips the threads. The models with a stainless-steel frame don’t seem to have the same issue. I would use blue Loctite, or a similar product, on the aluminum frame model. The recoil spring should be replaced after a few thousand rounds as well. Springs are inexpensive and will increase the service life of your handgun.
HIT: Accuracy. With a barrel length of only 2.7 inches many shooters consider the P238 a “close range” pistol – “close range” being 7 yards or closer. However, its accuracy is more than adequate for engaging targets out to 25 yards. I shot these groups at 7 yards and 15 yards with a P238 from our rental fleet.
HIT: Sights. The sights on the P238 are some of the best I have seen on a small pistol. They are available in either white dot or SIGLITE Night Sights. The sights are easy to see and provide good sight alignment and sight picture. The sights are large and durable enough for hard use during training as well. This photo compares the sights on a Colt Mustang (left) to those of the Sig P238 (right).
HIT: Ergonomics. For shooters with average to small hands, the P238 has a nice feel even though the pinky finger curls under the frame when using the 6-round magazine. An extended magazine is available and it provides support for the pinky finger. It also gives the pistol the feel of a larger pistol. The controls are easy to reach and manipulate. Shooters with large hands may find the pistol to be too small. I have average size hands and have no problem getting a correct grip on the pistol.
HIT: Trigger. The P238 is a Single Action Only (SAO) pistol which uses a hammer to strike the firing pin. The trigger has very little slack during the press, and has a distinct audible and physical click upon reset, which is short. Though the trigger pull-weight is a little heavy, between 7.5 lb. to 8.5 lb., that is normal for small pistols designed for concealed carry.
HIT: Safety. The P238 features a frame mounted, thumb activated, safety. An ambidextrous safety is available on some models. On most models the thumb safety is designed for right-handed shooters. The thumb safety is disengaged by pressing down on the safety with the firing side thumb as you present to your target. It is engaged by pressing up with the thumb. If the hammer is in the cocked position the slide will still move when the safety is engaged. This lets you load or unload the pistol with the safety ON.
MISS: Magazine. The P238 comes with a 6-round magazine which fits flush with the bottom of the magazine well. While this makes the pistol easier to conceal I would rather have the extended magazine as the standard magazine. The extended magazine gives you more control of the pistol during recoil and just feels better.
HIT: Value. With 22 models to choose from there is a P238 to fit most shooter’s budgets. The Nitron model is on the lower side of the price range at $599. This puts it in the mid-level range for a defensive handgun. With proper care, and maintenance, the P238 series of handguns should provide good reliable service for years to come.


Happy Hour Update

November 18th, 2016

Shoot Smart is excited to spend time with all of you during the holidays. As you know, the ranges can get pretty busy this time of year, so to help us accommodate everyone, we will be suspending happy hour starting November 21. But don’t worry, we will be bringing it back in 2017!

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