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Gunsmith: To Stipple or Not To Stipple?

Hi, I’m Chris, the Gunsmith at Shoot Smart. Ever wonder why grips on some people’s guns look strange – like someone dropped it down a mountain or spilled a bucket of acid on the grip? Despite the appearance, it is no accident! The effect is called stippling and it is a method to enhance the texture or grip of a firearm.



Stippling can be added to most metal or polymer frames as a way to add more texture to an otherwise marginally texture surface. While shooting a pistol, it is common for our hands to sweat and over a few shots the grip can be difficult to hold on to. Stippling can combat this by offering a better grip texture, permitting the shooter to maintain a tight grip on the pistol. If you are starting into competition or joining our league this spring, consider a stippling job for your firearm. If you are not sure about the process, ask one of our customer service representatives on your next visit. Many of us have our own firearms stippled! Or feel free to stop by the shop and take a look at our custom Glock 19 to see if stippling your firearm is right for you.

See you at the range!